UV Disinfection

Our leading line of UV systems harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to inactivate the DNA of harmful microorganisms – like e-coli – in your home’s water. Preventing them from reproducing and safeguarding your water supply against bacterial bad actors. Hello, peace of mind.

UV Disinfection


It's Safe And Affective

Inactivates up to 99.9% of microorganisms without chlorine/chlorine byproducts.

Makes Water Chug-Worthy

Keeps your family gulping the goodness of great tasting, odor-free water.

It's Eco-Super Friendly

Uses no-more energy than a 40-watt light bulb. The world’s new BFF.

UV Replacement Sleeve

All UV systems include a quartz sleeve, which surrounds the lamp. The quartz sleeve provides thermal protection for the UV lamp and protects it from possible water damage. The quartz material used in quartz sleeves are a 100% fused silica which lends to the sleeve’s high transmittance. A high transmittance is important as the UV light must travel through the sleeve to get to the water. There are a variety of quartz sleeve designs, depending on the system that they are being used in.

UV Replacement Lamps


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